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Your 1:1 Ecom Brand Strategy Consultation is now confirmed.

Here is what you need to do before getting on the call -

  1. Very Important - Incase you have not watched our Masterclass, then please do that before your scheduled meeting. >> Click here to bookmark the video for watching, so you have more clarity.
  2. Save the Date and Time of the call in your Calendar (really important)!
    Save the date and time of this call by going to your email and checking the details. We will dedicate an hour towards helping you and would appreciate that you show up on the scheduled time. (Zoom link has already been sent to your email)
  3. Login from your Computer -  If you plan to login to the meeting from your phone, rest assured you won't get the full experience from the meeting. Therefore, kindly login from a computer and make sure to dedicate 60 minutes in a noise-free environment.
  4. Reschedule/Cancel - In case you become aware that you cannot show up on the scheduled time for the call, then you have the option to "reschedule" or "cancel" in the email you received when you scheduled the call.
  5. Please note that if your application is incomplete or does not meet our criteria, your call will be canceled and you will be automatically notified via email with the reason for cancellation.

Looking forward to speaking with you.

- Nishkarsh Sharma

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will happen on this call?

Great question. On this call we’ll first identify where you’re at in your eCommerce journey. Are you just getting started and need help or are you already running an eCommerce business and want help in scaling, we’ll identify where you’re at. Then we’d like to understand your vision and goal for the brand that you want to build and a few other things related to these. During the call if we feel that we have the capacity and space to really help you and add value to your eCommerce journey, we’ll share with you how we can help. And if we feel that we’re not going to be a good fit for each other, we’ll also let you know that and steer you in the right direction. In the end, you’ll go away with great value.

2. Is this a sales call or will you pitch me something?

No, this is not a SALES call and we’re not going to be pitching you or forcing you to buy from us. Yes, we have our businesses to run and the reason we do these calls is because we know that we can add value. Our mentorship, coaching and trainings have helped our clients do over $3.5 Million in sales combined and we’ve no doubt that we can’t help you in building a brand making at least $100k/year and beyond. After understanding where you’re at presently if we really feel that we can add value we’ll let you know and invite you to become a part of our program, if not, we’ll be honest and not even talk about our program. The idea is not to SELL you something. The idea is to really identify if we both can be a good fit for each other and if we can add value to your eCommerce journey.

3. What kind of success have you and your clients got and can you help me do the same?

Nice question, you totally deserve to know this. We got started with eCommerce in 2017. Since then we’ve done over $4 Million+ in sales across multiple stores we’ve run. Then, in 2021 we started our international brand Kalmin Ross. We’re currently selling pan India and in US.

We started helping people building eCommerce brands in late 2018. Since then our top clients have done over $3.5 Million in sales combined. All of them started from zero and went on to cross $100k, $200k, $300k and even $1 Million in sales in their brands. We’ve been in the space for a while now ourselves, practicing our craft everyday and because we’ve seen multiple of our clients killing it with the game, we know how this works and what it really takes. So we’ve no doubt in the fact that we can’t help you.

What we need from you is you to be coachable, sincere, a massive action taker, a person who takes charge and responsibility, wants to build a long term brand and of course has the financial resources, time and space to make it happen.

4. How much does it cost to work with you?

Once we agree that we're a right fit to work together, only then additional details will be provided.